1. Identify the property you wish to bid on

2. View a copy of the relevant ‘Property Brochure’, available from our Auction House two (2) weeks prior to the auction date, or download the brochure from the Auctioneer’s website www.marietjiekeetauctioneers.co.za

3. The Property Brochure includes, where relevant, the conditions of sale, the title deeds, the site plan, the zoning certificate, and information on any rental or lease agreements

4. Establish where the auction will be held – most auctions are held on site at the property that will be auctioned, but occasionally they are held at larger or more convenient venues

5. Arrange to view the property in advance or set aside time to view the property on the day of the auction

6. Decide on the limit you can afford or are prepared to spend

7. Study the ‘Rules of the Auction