Contrary to popular belief, the key to being a successful auctioneer is not the speed of their chant, but rather their ability to market and promote their auctions.  Auctioneers excel in marketing and advertising.  The primary role of an auctioneer is to develop a marketing campaign to promote the sale of their client’s assets and attract bidders to their auction.


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Marietjie Keet Auctioneers’ marketing activities are the most sophisticated in the auction business. We utilize the incredible power of the Internet, and have made a complete study of the necessities of marketing in this environment, and have no peer in its use.

Results are available on an asset by asset or by the entirety of a multiple asset campaign.  All marketing campaigns are key word linked for effectiveness; the print adverts carry reference to the Internet, Internet to the print adverts, television, email blasts and mailers, signage to all.

While the speed and chant of the auctioneer is undoubtedly captivating, the success of any auction lies in the ability of the auctioneer to market and advertise the event. 

The primary role of the auctioneer is to identify the appropriate target market for the residential, commercial or agricultural property (as the case may be) and then to develop a customised marketing campaign to attract that target.

Marietjie Keet Auctioneers uses a number of mechanisms to reach this target, from traditional newspaper advertising, signage and its website, to the direct e-mailing of its extensive client database. This is a costly, time-consuming and demanding process which is catered for in the advertising fee that is payable by the seller to the Auction House.

With the appropriate potential buyers in attendance and a comprehensive property information package having been compiled and made available to the bidders, Marietjie Keet Auctioneers ensures that the right people are at the right place at the right time to participate in the auction.

Having been in the industry for years, Marietjie Keet has developed and honed her marketing expertise. This accounts for the remarkable success of the company and the large number of properties successfully auctioned each month.