The benefits for sellers:

• The process is fast – once the Auctioneer is commissioned to do the job, the auction generally takes place within thirty (30) days

• Auctions attract qualified buyers – the people at auctions have the means and the desire to purchase the property

• Auctions create urgency – a time is set for the auction and buyers compete to win the bid

• Terms and conditions are transparent – the entire process takes place in a public environment

• Your interests are protected – you specify your reserve price

• The true value of the property is realised – interested bidders compete with each other, often resulting in a sale

that exceeds your expectations

• The auction process is conclusive – once the hammer falls, you have two (2) working days (the Confirmation

Period) in which to accept the offer, after which the deal is done with the winning bidder

• The final bid amount is the amount you, as the Seller, will get – the winning bidder pays the Auctioneer’s fee, which is 10% over-and-above the final bid amount plus VAT

• Auctions allow you to realise profit on an investment – this way you can move to a larger, or smaller property, make a lifestyle change, or realise the cash flow you need for other business priorities